What is WordPress?

WordPress is a framework…

WordPress Websites are a framework in Ballina

It is a ‘Content Management System‘ or CMS that allows you to build a website design in a modular way. Instead of starting with a blank canvas each time you build a website, you start down the track with most of the materials that you need to build a website pre-made and ready for use. Then it is a matter of joining the right parts together so that they combine to give you the website you want. By using modules to build a page instead of individual lines of code, the whole process is made faster.

If you have ever seen a house built, it is a similar process. You can build the whole house from raw materials (timber, nails etc) or you can get materials built off-site that have been pre-assembled. Trusses, wall panels, kitchens, windows… you get the idea. When was the last time you saw a house constructed from scratch? It isn’t a very clever way to work for most houses as it costs substantially more to do it that way. Well… the same goes for website designs:  it costs you less as a CMS allows website designers to work faster.

By working this way, there are some real advantages as if you don’t like the look of your website design, you can just change the ‘skin’ of the website with a click of the mouse and have a new look and a whole new set of functions at your disposal. WordPress is a very popular system and it is open source. This means that a lot of people contribute to WordPress to make it grow and improve and they do not charge us. They do it for the love of WordPress to improve the system.

There are some drawbacks to using WordPress. You cannot have exactly what you want, as there are limitations to the system and the more you customise your website, the more of a struggle you may have. And there are some things that WordPress does not do very well, such as automation and larger and more complicated eCommerce sites. But overall, WordPress allows you to build a very stable and sharp looking website in a fraction of the time that a fully hand coded/custom website would take. And that time translates into money that you are not paying out. You know that it will work as you can see working examples before you start (that is the really clever bit) as that template has been used before by many other designers.

But there is one more thing that sets WordPress apart from all of its competitors:  you, the client, can learn how to use the system. You don’t need to have a computing degree to manage your own website. You can learn the basics of the system in about 20 minutes or so and then manage your own site quite easily. Once you have learned the basics you can add to your skills and manage more complicated sites as you progress. We believe in educating our clients about WordPress so they can manage their own sites and increase their skills in WordPress. That way our clients can take control of their sites and make informed decisions about what they put up on their sites and how to market them.

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