The short story

We have been busy getting clients to pay attention to Google My Business and to educate them about what this can do for their business. Before we get into the bones of this, let me remind you that a big part of what Google does is map making– GIS stuff.

The extended version

Google wants you to help them locate your business via their mapping system. They want to link your website to your location in the real world via their maps. For some businesses, this does not work, as the business might be targeting a broad geographical area- such as the East Coast of Australia. But for businesses targeting their local area, this is a shortcut to the top of Google rankings. The only catch is that there is a bit of homework that you need to do.

How it works

Step 1 – Visit Google My Business at the My Business page

Step 2 – Sign in and follow the prompts they give you

Note: there is a bit of a trick to the location section of the setup: see the screenshot below

You have a few options:

  • Offer you services at the one location
  • Offer your services at surrounding locations
  • Hide your physical address in the My Business listings

You need to think about this part carefully, as it does require some careful consideration:

  • Do you want people arriving at your location to visit you?
  • Are you going to rank very well in the surrounding area/postcodes?
  • Are you better concentrating your efforts into a specific area?

Step 3 – When you have completed the sign up process, Google will send you a postcard in the mail- it cannot be sent to a PO Box!

Step 4 – Sign back in and enter the password that Google have sent you

Step 5 – Google will now list your business and place you on their map

Step 6 – Find some loyal clients to review your business and give you a rating

It is a bit of a process getting someone to review you:

  • they need to have a Gmail profile
  • they have to be motivated enough to do it
  • they need to say all the right things, as you really don’t want a bad review

But if you can get all of this organised, Google puts your business in that ‘map box’ that shows up in most searches above all of the other organic listings. From experience I can tell you that having more than 2 reviews gets you a long way. So if you get the urge, feel free to add a review to the Simply Web Works listing, as we need some more reviews.

One last thing

Some businesses have multiple locations that they service, and that can be catered for, but it takes a lot more work. For example they might service locations in Sydney, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Byron Bay- being based in Byron Bay. I will send out another email with some links that cover this: please let me know if you want this information sent to you.

As always, if you have any questions give me a call and I can help you out with this process.