Domain names… you buy them, then you forget about them. Yes? Well no. Sometimes they can cause website owners a whole lot of pain. I thought I would step you through some scenarios for you taken from the last week or two at Simply Web Works so that you can see why you need to think carefully about your domain name, who is in charge of it and who actually owns it.

Scenario 1- when does your domain expire?

We get this one every few weeks. A client will call up and ask why their emails are not working. Our first response is…

“Is your domain name due for renewal?”

After a bit of checking in the office they will usually find that yes, their domain name has expired with their domain host a few days ago. This means their domain has stopped forwarding emails off to our server, and if they using Gmail (as we prefer our clients to use) this will have stopped receiving emails. And on top of this, their website will not be viewable on the web. It can be quite a shock for some clients as they are not aware that their domain name registration expiry will result in all of these events occurring.

It is good practise to:

• keep a list of all items that have renewals and log these in a calendar with reminders

• make a note of all of your logins and passwords and keep these somewhere safe such as a notebook and a cloudbased file which has good security on it.