What’s the big deal about HTTPS?

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. It refers to the way that the data for your website is being sent. “Secure” in this aspect means the data that’s sent is encrypted. HTTPS pages appear with a lock symbol in the address bar.

Google is making a bigger deal about HTTPS. Back in 2014, it became a ranking signal that would eventually strengthen over time. This means that out of say 10 points that Google would rank your website on, having SSL would give you an extra score of 0.5 or something like that. We are now thinking that this ranking score has increased, and now Google is giving you more points for this ranking signal. How many points? We don’t know, but there is evidence that it has increased recently.

Aside from improving your search rankings, there’s another benefit of making the switch to HTTPS. It also provides additional site security, which is particularly important for you and your visitors if you accept payments or personal information.

Simply Web Works is now migrating all of the WordPress websites on our server over to HTTPS. This allows site owners to leverage the maximum SEO potential from their websites, potential that is marked down without the ‘padlock’ symbol.

You can choose to migrate your website over, or if SEO is not important to you, just leave it as an HTTP website. There is really no big security advantage in this. It is mostly about having an SEO factor for your website ticked off the Google list of loved items. And we always aim to keep Google happy.