We have developed an easy to follow SEO course for anyone who wants to work on their own website’s SEO. It has been designed to use by our existing clients who want to boost their Search rankings and get some more eyes on their website. The modules are:

SEO1- Learning to love Google

  • This is a self-guided module that covers the Google search engine, how an Incognito window works, what are keywords, how to find the keywords that you need on your website and where these keywords need to be placed on your website. If you want a good starting point in getting your SEO sorted out, this module is for you.

SEO2- Site structure the way Google likes it

  • Using the keywords that you have gathered in SEO1, you now learn to arrange these on your website using a keyword map. We also cover the Yoast plugin in depth and look over some Golden Rules for keyword use that should keep you out of trouble with Google.