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I had a fun project land on my desk this month…

So I thought I would share it with you. Ted Listkow from PR Smash Repairs is one of those people who invents things, and then goes out and puts them into production. We worked on a website of his a long time ago for his CarLifta car jack. I could tell you all about it, but it is easier to just watch the video he has on his site!


He had a whole lot of these left over to clear, so he was asking the question…

“How can I tell people that I have these for Sale at a clearance price?”

The first thing we have to do is to work out who our audience is. That would be every panel shop or mechanic in Australia who is looking for a quick hoist alternative. This group is harder to reach than you might think as they are hard to speak to and get their attention. Many of them are a bit techno deaf. Anyone else?

What about Car Enthusiasts? They have this one trait that makes them a great target for this exercise. They belong to clubs. And that makes the whole exercise a lot easier. Classic cars need insurance so all of the insurers have lists of the clubs, their Secretaries and their emails. A quick search on Google and I have a list of clubs in each State of Australia and the key people. OK, so now we have got this information, how do we use it?


Hello MailChimp!

This program allows us to send emails, see who opens them and then who clicks on the ‘Call to Action’ that we have included in the email. Without going in to too much detail as there are a few steps to setting up a campaign:

• you add in a list of email addresses that you are sending out to

• draft up an email using the MailChimp interface (this is called your ‘campaign) using one of their templates: this will take a bit of time at first

• then send out the campaign

That part takes a bit of time but it is not too hard to work out. If you have a free account you are limited to 2000 emails. The paid account allows you to tell the whole world. The fun really starts when you get your first report back from MailChimp.


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.03.13 PM

The first thing that you need to get comfortable with is… not everyone loves you! I know, that might come as a shock for some, but statistically, about 1/3 of people are opening your emails. And quite a few don’t exist (25 emails bounced) and of the 14 who opened your emails, about 6 clicked on the ‘Call to Action’ button. The good news is… this email resulted in a few calls. There is a lot more information available to you in MailChimp, but for privacy reasons I cannot show it here. Did I forget to mention the best part? MailChimp is free, emails don’t cost anything to send and the only other cost is your time in making up an email list and composing the campaign. Don’t you just love that!

But let’s just say that if you are looking to reach out to clients with a message and you want to know who is listening and who does something as a result… then this is something that you should be getting involved with.

And as always, if you have any questions let me know!