What is SEO?

S E O  =   Search  +  Engine  +  Optimisation

“Getting Search Engines to rank your website higher than similar websites in a Search of the Internet”

What is SEO?

The primary function of a Search Engine is to allow ordinary people to find out the most relevant content that they are seeking on the web. The business side of things has sprung up alongside basic searches, but a basic search on Google is still very effective in finding the best website if that website includes the most relevant content. WordPress website designs are well regarded by Google as a function of the CMS. In other words, you are well on the way to web greatness just by choosing to use a WordPress site. (see What is WordPress?)

How do we improve your Basic SEO?

We add a very powerful SEO plugin called Yoast when we built your website, and it is configured by us to start increasing your Google ranking as soon as your site goes live. This allows your site to be ranked better than it would than if it was left alone. But there is more to do and it just takes a bit of your time to take things to the next level.

Extending  your Basic SEO

Google makes it easy to be loved by them. They advise website designers how to make websites more successful by releasing regular updates about their system and how to best work within it. They don’t tell us everything that we would like to know: they just tell us enough so that we can build websites that work well with their search engine. They also provide tools that allow us to monitor the performance of websites in live website assessments. But they don’t tell us the whole story. Precisely how Google works is a well kept secret, as otherwise it would be easy to ‘game’ the system and push any website to the top of the list. And that defeats the whole purpose of Google.

You can extend your SEO by remembering one simple rule.

Google LOVES content!  And content is TEXT!  

And that content is highly regarded if it is:

  • relevant
  • does not repeat itself- specific keywords should not appear more than about 6 times on any one page
  • is unique (don’t copy your mates website too closely- Google can make the link!)

We set up your SEO and then also advise how to increase it over time.  SEO is easy to set up once you understand what you are trying to do. You are trying to increase your site’s rankings and this is a never ending project. Every change that you make, every page that you add should be made with your Google ranking in mind and you should be reviewing your site ranking constantly. This is what makes the web so powerful:  it is an active medium and you can increase your website’s performance by developing a better understanding of how it works and then changing your website to suit the environment it lives in. Then Google gives back live reports telling you how successful you have been. If you are wondering why people post blogs on their websites-  they are adding in fresh keyword specific content with every post!

We need to think about this a bit more. If you put an ad in the paper, once they accept your ad, you cannot change it. It appears in the paper and if someone reads it, then you might get a phone call. Websites are a constant presence on the web. Once they ‘go live’ and can be seen on the web, Google ranks their content and relevance and then the website gets listed on Google Searches. This can take a few weeks, and that ranking changes over time. So the more you play with the content, the more your ranking changes. If Google likes the content, then your site climbs up the rankings. Your content can be text, images and video. But everything on the site is treated as text. As Google cannot ‘see’ images. Images are described by text through Google’s eyes.

Google loves speed!

When Google crawls over your website it measures how long each page takes to load. A big page full of large images is not a good thing. And if you are trying to get your page up on the top of Google rankings, then you have to do something about this. There are simple ways that we can get WordPress websites to load up faster and they are all done with the sole purpose of getting that page to appear in front of your clients in 5 seconds or less. Speed is a big deal in web design.

There are other factors that come into play with SEO such as the links that are going from and coming to your website and some other factors. Google includes all of these things before they assign your website it’s rank. The mysterious part of SEO is that Google constantly changes their algorithm to make their searches more relevant and responsive to the questions that are being asked by users every day.

You can find some SEO self-guided modules in our Education section.

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