Why your website needs to be responsive

About 50% of all visits to your website are now on a mobile device….

This means your website should display properly on these phones and tablets. If your website was made a few years ago, or by someone who was not thinking about this too much, then your website will not be ‘responsive’.  Responsive websites change their layout when they are viewed on a mobile device so they are easy to navigate. Otherwise, they are just like a scaled down view of your website. And that can be very hard to manage on a phone. Very…

With a responsive website viewed on a phone, some items on the screen are moved, the menu gets turned into a small bar graphic and the sizes of some elements change to suit the page size. A few things have to be sacrificed from the desktop version as there is not enough space on the mobile site to fit everything in.  A responsive website tells the browser what to load, in what size and in what order. That way, the website can be smaller and still make sense with full sized text.

The simplest way to explain this is to show you the same website viewed on a desktop and a mobile device. Here is what it looks like:

A responsive website viewed on a desktop computer

website desktop view

Responsive website viewed on a mobile phone

website phone view

Look at how a website displays when it is not responsive

The web browser simply shrinks the whole website to fit onto the screen, regardless of:

  • the size of the text
  • any images on the page
  • important items like phone numbers or Call to Action buttons

The result is a website that is very hard to navigate. Google reports that users who open a page that is not responsive will usually leave the page instead of struggling through the page to find what they want. They will do this after about 4 seconds or so.

This means that almost 50% of visitors to your website will leave the site within 4 seconds!

Here is what a non responsive website looks when it displays on a desktop and a phone.

A non responsive website on a desktop screen

website desktop view

website phone view

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