I used to spend a lot of time talking to clients about their email….

It took up about 1/3rd of my time. But since migrating our clients over to Gmail that ship has sailed. I now spend most of my time chasing images for websites. Yes we can provide you with stock images for your website. But this usually means that your website looks like all of the other websites that use stock images: a bit ‘plastic’ as the images are made to be generic to fit any website. And everyone in the image has that weird sort of smile on their face. They do not look ‘local’ or unique (or real). That is the trade-off that you get with these images.

If you want traction in the digital world, keep it as original as possible. People like to feel a connection to you and your business and the best way to do that is to put more of what you do onto your website.

Promote yourself and what you do


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If you produce a product or a service, and you are the one on the phone and are going to be meeting clients on a regular basis, then put a picture of yourself on the website. In the About Us page, add some photos of yourself and other staff with a Bio for each person. Your customers come to your business because you are the one providing the service and you get involved with them. So get a bit more personal and show them a bit more about yourself. This is an advantage that you have up against big businesses. They cannot do this as easily as there are a lot of ‘faceless’ people in the business as the business has more levels within it.

Get testimonials from your happy customers to prove to other customers that dealing with you is a worthwhile and valuable experience. To get a good  testimonial:

  • the client has to like you
  • you have to have a better relationship than ‘pay your invoice now’
  • the client needs to have dealt with you in a range of settings

You have to ask several questions when you begin a business:
-do I need a website?
-how do I select the right person to give my new business a head start?
I was recommended Simply Web Works. When I spoke to Derek, I had full confidence in him as he was passionate over profit and understood that branding and integrity was important to me. He delivered my site and my business was out of the blocks on time. Since then I have referred him to others and will continue to do so.

Ivan Cunningham Owner, The Training Network

Talk to your customers… digitally!

This might surprise you, but most of our clients do not blog. And the WordPress CMS was designed around blogging. This means that they do not regularly use their website to help communicate with clients. A handful of our clients regularly post blogs, use Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to talk to their clients. This can mean a full time member on their staff working on these channels every day. If you have got something to say that can benefit your clients, then let them know. Over time they get used to hearing from you and if you are telling them things that they find useful, you will get more of their attention. The better the conversation that you have with them over time, the better the relationship that develops.

What has this got to do with images?

In almost every post that I send out to clients, I am including images with that post. Having a stock of good images on hand to draw from is invaluable. And having a camera with a good lens is a big part of this process. You need something better than your phone to get a good enough image for posts. Phone images are OK. But if you want images that sparkle, take the time to take some better images. Put a camera in the car or under the front desk at the office and have it charged and ready to go when you are heading out the door to visit a site or inspect some work that you have completed. That way you will get the image that want to show people about what you do (well).

Here are some links to pages that help you to get set up to take better pictures, and take more of them.

Digital Cameras you can afford

Understanding aperture