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 “Why does your hosting cost so much? I can pay much less for hosting


Website hosting has to be secure in Mullumbimby

Your Website is important to us…

-we keep it secure
-we update it regularly
-we keep you informed about what is going on with your website

Why good hosting comes at a price

Websites are not static things. The files and databases that make up your website are stored on computers (servers) and there are things going on all around them that affect them over time. Also there are a lot of people accessing the Web that would like you to do some work for them with your website. They are called ‘Hackers’ and their efforts can really ruin your day… and a few days after that if they know what they are doing to your website.

The majority of websites that are built for the things that you do are made using WordPress, and that means that any faults or flaws in websites can be easy ways to access your website without your consent. That is, they can be hacked and often repurposed by the hackers. So we need to be constantly monitoring and tweaking your website to keep it off a hackers radar.

What happens when my website is ‘hacked’

Websites are just a collection of a whole lot of code that makes your website look as it should and function as it should. But parts of that code over time can become out of date as the CMS that your website is built on (WordPress) is updated. Over time, if you are not updating your website with new software releases your website starts to include security flaws that are easier to find and exploit by hackers.

Once a Hacker gains access to your website they might:

  • deface your website (think graffiti on a wall and you get the idea)
  • add in malicious code for collecting data or passwords
  • use your website to send out Spam emails

You can see that keeping your website up to date is pretty important in the scheme of things.  We also add some other protection to your website to beef up the security even more, and this also needs to be monitored. This all takes time and that is why hosting for websites with maintenance costs more that just storing a website on a server.

Do you backup my website for me?

Simply Web Works backups up our websites in a few different ways:

  • by backing up the whole host computer drive daily
  • by backing up each site individually
  • by keeping a ‘local’ copy of your website on our original computer
  • by sending a copy of your site to a ‘remote’ server (not in the same building as the host server) via a scheduled backup on a regular schedule.

That way, if something goes wrong we can work on your site immediately with a local backup. Or if we happen to have been struck by a cyclone, we can get a remote copy from a server a long way from the disaster. We don’t have to call anyone and ask them to get your copy, check it over and put it back up on the web. We are in charge of that process and can manage it promptly. And that is why our hosting costs more than some other providers. We are providing a service to you that you can rely on.

The business that will be hosting your website should be rated on:

  • how promptly they service your needs (do they answer the phone?)
  • how they plan to handle a problem with your site (especially a website crash)
  • how they secure their servers and your website and how robust that security is

How is the cost of your hosting calculated?

It all comes down to how much storage space your website is using. For small websites that are less than 5 pages, we charge our base rate. For larger websites we charge our enterprise rate. These websites can have up to 80 pages and are quite complex bits of software. If you have any questions about hosting please ask, as we assess all websites when we first discuss your project with you.

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