What are keywords?

Before we begin a Website Design we ask our clients…
“tell us about your business/organisation in a sentence or two”

And in that sentence or two, you will have written down the keywords that are used to search for your website with Search Engines like Google.

Before you start writing anything down about your enterprise in any detail, you need to work out what you do. Precisely and concisely. It is a cruel fact of life that the time your clients spend looking for your business/organisation’s website design can be measured in seconds. So it is essential that you have know:

  • what you do
  • why you do it
  • why you do it better than the people down the road

This process of working out these details about your business/organisation will give you a fair idea of what words can accurately describe your enterprise. That is the first step.

The next step is to measure (yes, we can be very scientific about this) what the rest of the world think about the words and phrases that you are planning to use. Google helps us with a very basic but altogether essential tool that allows us to determine which keywords are the most important for the content that you come up with. You just type in the keywords that you think will suit your website design and Google will give you a snapshot of who has also searched for those words and how many times they did this in the last month.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.37.33 PM

Type in the words that you are interested in and Google runs a report on whether those words are being searched for any topic and how often. By trying a range of words and working out whether get a response for them, you can quickly determine what you are going to include in your website design, and in what configuration. This is vital information if you want a high Google page ranking.

For example, someone looking in Google for ‘website design in Byron Bay’ is going to search for:

-website designs
-website designers

Just by typing into a Google search bar you can quickly work out which one of these phrases is most popular and which is the most suitable to be included on your website design. You must remember that websites are viewed by Google as a series of pages and not as a complete ‘website’ that you see. So by including these words on some pages but not all, we can then flag these pages to be the most likely pages to be pushed up the Google rankings. Sounds complicated? Not really. Google rewards relevant content, so give Google what it wants, in the way that it wants it. And keep it simple!

Of course this is critically important information to have on hand before you start writing pages on content for your website design. If your website design is very light on for text, then Google is not going to rank it highly as it is hungry for text of some kind. Google is constantly improving the access it gives to allow website designers more of an idea of the sort of questions that need to be asked to get the most accurate result in a Google search.

Once you have your keywords worked out you need to have a look at getting some more detailed information about how your keywords perform in a ‘whole page’ setting. Have a look at Google Analytics for more information about this.

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