What is Google?

Sometimes clients say “we would like you to build us a website like eBay“.

When the laughing has died down we explain that a site like eBay is vast, complicated and well beyond the capabilities of a business like ours. What has this got to do with Google? Well Google is in another Universe all together compared to eBay. It employs some of the brightest minds on the planet to produce software that is breathtakingly clever. So clever that it really does not have any serious competition at present.

Google has expanded their reach into all sorts of different areas with maps, self driving cars, social media… the list goes on. It is a forward thinking, ever expanding business that is leveraging their control of information and the demand of their clients for their services and then charges accordingly. Google continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved and what sorts of businesses that it partners with. It is this interconnectivity that is so complex that casual users like us just cannot fathom the depth of reach that Google has into so many facets of information storage and retrieval.

Just to give you an idea of how big and complex this software is, have a good look over this diagram of how Google processes your request from your computer, tablet or phone. Oh, and testers means ‘people’ in geek speak. So Google has tens of thousands of employees scattered across the planet to accomplish all of this every day, 24/7.
Infographic by PPCBlog


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