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What if a company invented a swag of essential tools and gave them away….

Welcome to Google Analytics!




That is the premise of Google. They dream up all of these really useful things and then give them away to people. Because this gets a lot of people involved, then they can attract advertisers and the whole thing makes money (eventually). It was such a long period of time between the ‘what if we ….’ statement and the ‘ka-ching’ of the first advertising money to come in that Google was quite a joke in the web world for some time. But you only need to see how comprehensively outclassed Apple was with the release of ‘Apple maps’ on the iPhone 5 to realise how far Google has travelled and just how big Google now is.

What has this got to do with Website Design?

The jewel in the crown for Google is their Google Analytics tool. How many businesses would make this statement:

‘We are going to let you get data from the traffic and success of your service from within our service’

Imagine Ford doing that. How about Telstra …? I will just wait until you have finished laughing before I continue.

Google Analytics works by putting some code onto your website that allows Google to track the visitors to your site in exquisite detail:

  • how many visitors came to your site
  • where they came from
  • how long they stayed
  • what pages they looked at

This information is critical to any site owner who is thinking about Website Design and wants to get more visitors to their site.  It allows them to make more informed decisions about how to promote their site, and which visitors to target. You can find all of the information you need about Google Analytics by visiting Google Analytics.

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