We want our clients to learn to use WordPress. And that means that we spend a fair amount of our time educating clients about how to maintain their websites, how to improve their SEO and how to use mobile devices that connect them to all of this. Our Education section is divided into two areas of work:

  • Self guided modules that are pay per page
  • One on one training at your place or ours

We don’t do computer repairs or networking: we work with clients to better understand software, mobile devices and other equipment that they can leverage to make themselves more efficient.

Self-guided pay per page modules

SEO1- Learning to love Google

This is a self-guided module that covers the Google search engine, how an Incognito window works, what are keywords, how to find the keywords that you need on your website and where these keywords need to be placed on your website. If you want a good starting point in getting your SEO sorted out, this module is for you.

SEO2- Site structure the way Google likes it

Using the keywords that you have gathered in SEO1, you now learn to arrange these on your website using a keyword map. We also cover the Yoast plugin in depth and look over some Golden Rules for keyword use that should keep you out of trouble with Google.

SEO 3- Boosting your website with a blog

Just what is a blog? Who makes them, what do they say and how you should plan and create one. We look at some very successful blogs and help you create a strategy to create your own blog to get more traffic to your website. Good blogging does not happen by accident: you need to stay focused on your keywords, your target audience and know when you are achieving your goals.


One on one or group training

Apollo spacecraft control panel
iPhone 6 with display

A smart phone has more computing power…
than an Apollo spacecraft!

Technology has come such a long way in the last decade. Phones have become microcomputers and computers extend into the Cloud. And it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Sometimes clients will say to us…

“This might surprise you, but I find my phone very confusing”

When you think about it, your phone, tablet or computer is a complicated and confusing piece of equipment. It is easy to take for granted the astonishing amount of things that this equipment can do for you. For someone feeling overwhelmed by it all, the solution is to take things in small steps and try to understand things one concept at a time.

What does Simply Web Works cover in their Education sessions?

for individuals

  • learn about the functions of your Phone, Tablet or Computer
  • learn to use your Phone, Tablet or Computer more efficiently
  • develop routines and shortcuts that make you more productive on your Tablet or Computer
  • learn how to integrate different software to work for you
  • learn new software in detail to allow you to expand your horizons and become more productive
  • assistance with setting up and refining settings to software as required

for businesses

  • use iAuditor on iPads and phones for SWMS in the field
  • learn how to integrate different software to work for you
  • set up and administer Google Apps for Work to increase your productivity and allow remote access to information
  • set up in field payment systems to increase your cashflow and stop chasing accounts
  • set up Workforce Management software to monitor jobs and staff to better manage your resources in the field

We tailor your learning to suit your needs

People learn new information in different ways and we understand this. We tailor our teaching to suit your style of learning and make sure that you understand content before moving on to the next topic. To achieve this we use different styles of teaching and an assortment of teaching aids to ensure that you fully understand content and can apply it once we leave the building. Assessing your retention of the content covered is an important part of the learning process, so regular mini-quizzes are part of the learning process.

What experience do we have?

Derek Harbison has been working with technology for over 25 years. He has a Bachelor of Education and can explain technical details in language that you can understand. Through his extensive work in schools, businesses and NGO’s Derek has had experience with:

  • computer systems- PC and Mac- hardware and Applications
  • smart phones and integrations- iPhone and Android
  • tablets as work tools and for personal use- features, essential Apps and work Apps
  • Web systems- WordPress websites, Accounting Software integrations and Payment Gateways

Can you come to my place?

We have found that you learn best when you are using the equipment that you are comfortable with and using your computer, phone or tablet in familiar surroundings. This can be at your home or office as required. If that does not suit, you can visit us at our place! We have a range of spaces at our home office that are ideal for learning and presenting should you require that. You can choose what setting works best for you at a time that suits.

Some people have knowledge and yet they have difficulty imparting it. I was fortunate to have Derek come to my home and spend some time helping me understand the intricacies of the computer world. I found his teaching invaluable. In a short time he helped me master skills I previously knew nothing about. Derek is a born teacher. He also follows up with suggestions via email. I can’t speak highly enough of him.

Margaret Ware


Being over 50 and somewhat scared of computing I booked in for a session with Simply Web Works. Derek trained me and gave me the confidence to get on my way with my computer so that I can do the things that I want to do without getting confused.

Karl Gould

Byron Bay

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