The first website for some people has a shopping cart attached

And that is what an eCommerce website design is for. These websites all you to sell products in as simple a format as possible, as eCommerce website designs by nature are pretty complicated things. eCommerce website designs allow visitors to your website to buy things from you with a credit card. And you might not have thought about this, but they can be used for all sorts of items. Such as:

  • fashion goods
  • electronic goods
  • memberships
  • images

The front end of the website is similar to a normal display website. But behind the scenes, they are much more complicated in their structure and how they deal with the processing of payments and the options that are offered to the customers. They still look pretty smart and most importantly you can access and maintain them easily. However owners of these websites still need to understand that they are running a business via the site, and with that comes the expectations that those customers have from their other online experiences:

  • prompt delivery
  • seamless card transactions
  • quality products with no damage in transit
  • prompt replies to any queries about the website, products or delivery.

If you have not worked it out yet… it is like running any other business and it demands a reasonable amount of time and effort to do well. This will involve you, your staff, your suppliers, your merchant provider and your freight company. To get all of that to work well is not as simple as it sounds. eCommerce is not as easy as some people make out, but it can be a very rewarding exercise for businesses and their customers if it is done well.

But make no mistake, for existing bricks and mortar businesses, a successful eCommerce website has to be well planned out and made to fit into the existing business structure. Online customers have a few special qualities:

  • they expect their products delivered in a reasonably short space of time
  • they can order at any time of the day- 24/7
  • they are looking at a digital version of a physical object (usually) and may not ask more questions before purchasing items

This has consequences for you, as a business owner. The description and the image of the product should be as accurate as possible. Otherwise you will be getting a lot of unhappy customers returning stock to you, and this can chew up a lot of your time. Also, shipping the products to your clients has to be slick. Sending the products in a few days when you get the time is probably not going to cut it. Bigger businesses will outsource their freight process so that it is on time, and seamless.

If you struggle with any of this in your business now, then an eCommerce website is just going to multiply your problems. If eCommerce is done well, it is another business in itself and can be very profitable as it does not require face to face contact with your staff. Some very successful online businesses have a secondary effect: they direct more customers back to the bricks and mortar store.

If you have any questions about eCommerce, we are ready to help you get started on your project.


What do you get with an eCommerce website?

  • Pages – up to 30
  • Photos – up to 20
  • Lightbox Galleries – as required to feature items
  • Enquiry form
  • Google features enabled
  • Built in basic SEO
  • Social networking services enabled

What does it cost?

  • website construction and launch – from $2445 inc gst
  • hosting from $49 per month

You can see more eCommerce sites in our Portfolio

Ocean Grind

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