dual sim phones are great to use with Google suite of apps

Simply Web Works has been using iPhones pretty much as long as they have been available as they allowed us to access a whole lot of software that was previously only available on computers. They were a huge leap forward for business in productivity.

But recently I have had a problem:

how do I manage 2 phone numbers, for two separate businesses without carrying around 2 phones?

The answer is to use a phone that has 2 sim cards on the same phone. These are called ‘dual sim phones’. You cannot buy these from your Telstra shop as Telstra does not want you running your data on Boost and your calls on Telstra as then they miss out on some money. So they pretty much pretend that they don’t exist. You can still buy them from The Good Guys and other places outright, but only as Android phones.

Apple does not make duel sim phones.

The trick is to run one sim card (lets call this phone number 1) on the 4G network and the second sim card on the 3G network (phone number 2). When you get a call for a client on phone number 1, it uses 4G, and the name of that business comes up on the screen. That way you can say “Hello, Number 1 Business” when you answer the call.

When the phone rings with Phone number 2 on the screen, you answer the call with “Hello, Number 2 Business”. You get the idea…. Whichever phone number needs more data should be on the 4G network. It has better reach in most areas and is faster for downloads. You just handle calls on the second number.

“This week Telstra are closing down the 2G network and phones using this network are now bricks”

Moving over to Android has not been too big a deal, as we moved over to Gmail and Google Apps a few years ago. This means that we use Gmail on our Apple computer and phones as…. it does just about everything that you would want it to do.

Plus a few things that are essential to your work 

The biggest thing that Google offers you is to be able to store and retrieve documents from the cloud. ‘The cloud’ in Google world is called Google Drive.

For example:
Sometimes clients contact me and ask me about organising documents and files so that they can access them out of the office. What I advise you to do is have this image saved in your Google Drive and when a customer needs some information just grab it from the cloud and show it to them or send it to them. It is like having a filing system on your phone… but better, as you can edit that filing system back at the office. Or have someone else add things to that filing system for you while you are away from the office.

This also allows you to email price lists, spec sheets, copies of insurance and so on. In fact with the right phone, you don’t even need to go back to the office or carry these documents. You can pretty much do it all on your phone if you are well organised.

If you have not looked at Gmail, you will be surprised to find that Google gives you Word and Excel equivalent Apps and a note keeping App (Google Keep) for free if you sign up with them. And if you are a multi-staff business, then they can provide much larger storage using their G Suite products. You can still use these if you are an iPhone user, and we recommend that all of our website clients use Gmail for too many reasons to list here.

The more organised you are heading out the door means you have more time to do the things that make you money. And that is how you work smarter. If you have any questions about any of this let me know, as I am more than happy to give you a hand getting this set up. Once it is in place, you will wonder how you worked without it.